The NEXXBOX-C PoE Switch, utilizing MikroTik’s CSS106-1G-4P-1S Smart Switch RouterBOARD, is a small SOHO switch that works with a Taifatech TF470 CPU and conducts its switching operations via an Atheros Switch Chip.

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It comes equipped with five 10/100/1000 Ethernet ports: Ether1 works as the PoE-in port that receives an input voltage of 8-30 DC and can be a highly useful power failover option in order to tackle any unforeseen outages and maximize uptime.

The other four Gigabit Ethernet ports, that is Ether2 - Ether5 can be used for passive PoE-out, eliminating the need to use separate extra adaptors to power nearby devices. Along with its PoE-in powering option, the PACE PoE Switch has a direct 8-30 DC jack.

Furthermore, this device brings to your network a single 1G SFP cage, and it can be used with SFP modules S-85DLC05D, S-31DLC20D and S-35/53LC20D (not included).

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