NEXXBOX-C Enclosure

Next-generation enhanced enclosure for numerous MikroTik RouterBOARDs, white-labelled in terms of appearance, hardware, and RouterOS branding and configurations, based on the demands of our clients and their company identity and corporate-specific information

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The NEXXBOX-C Customized RouterBOARD Enclosure is a white-labeled indoor and outdoor enclosure. Fully customizable, the NEXXBOX-C can be tailored to fit the identity of client companies. The enclosure itself can bear your business’s logo, and its documents, including pamphlets and brochures, can be complemented with your logo and specific company information.

Moreover, thanks to the customized skins of RouterOS - the efficient operating system of RouterBOARDs - the software of your intended hardware can be tailor-made for your company. It can securely accommodate many client-favourite MikroTik RouterBOARDs. It comes with several different apertures that enable you to utilize various accessories, including attached antennas, extended detached antennas, and USB drives.

This enclosure accommodates a number of MikroTik RouterBOARDs and interfaces as follows:


  • hEX
  • hEX lite
  • hEX PoE
  • hEX PoE lite
  • hEX S
  • RBM11G
  • RBM33G
  • hAP
  • hAP lite
  • hAP lite TC
  • hAP ac lite
  • hAP ac lite TC
  • hAP ac
  • hAP ac2
  • RB260GS
  • RB260GSP
  • CRS106-1C-5S
  • CRS305-1G-4S+IN
  • RB951Ui-2HnD
  • RB951G-2HnD
  • All RB95x series


  • R11e-5HnD
  • R11e-2HPnD
  • R11e-2HnD
  • R11e-5HacD
  • R11e-5HacT
  • R11e-LR2
  • R11e-LR8
  • R11e-LR9

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