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Privacy Policy

1. Introduction:

Welcome to Wireless Netware's Privacy Policy. When you utilize our store services, you place trust in how we manage your information. This policy is constructed to give you a clear understanding of our data practices.

2. General Information:

  • Purpose of Policy: This Privacy Policy informs you about the type of data we collect, our reasons for doing so, and how we use the collected information.

  • Enhancing Services: Your shared data allows us to refine our services for you, such as offering relevant search outcomes and ads.

  • User Understanding: We encourage users to be acquainted with our information practices to maintain transparency and trust.

3. Your Rights:

  • Access & Control: You hold the right to access, correct, delete your personal data, and to object to its processing.

  • Security Measures: While we strive to ensure the utmost data security, we also acknowledge the potential risks associated with internet usage. Users are advised to be cautious.

  • External Links: Our site may have links to other external websites. We don't bear responsibility for their content or practices.

4. Management of Personal Data:

  • Access & Edit: Most of our services allow you to view and modify your personal data.

  • Communication Preferences: You can set preferences for promotional communications via email, SMS, mail, etc. Unsubscribe features are also available.

5. Data Collection:

  • Method of Collection: Data is collected directly from users, through interactions with our services, from software on your device, and from third parties.

  • Types of Data: The specific data we gather is contingent on your usage of our services.

6. Utilization of Collected Data:

  • Primary Purposes: We use the data for:

    • Operating our business.
    • Enhancing our services.
    • Sending relevant communications.
    • Displaying targeted advertising.
  • Privacy Safeguards: Measures are in place to keep certain data segregated for enhanced privacy.

7. Sharing Your Data:

  • General Principle: Data is shared with your consent or to complete requested transactions or services.

  • Third-Party Sharing: Payment data is shared with financial institutions during transactions. We also collaborate with certain vendors or agents for service purposes.

  • Corporate Transactions: Personal data may be disclosed during corporate actions like mergers or asset sales.

8. Contact:

For any concerns, queries, or feedback, please contact us at: