GPEN (Gigabit Passive Ethernet Network)


MikroTik GPEN concept can replace any existing or future GPON solution. It provides all the benefits of GPON but utilizes well-proven, simple and inexpensive Ethernet solutions.GPEN ConceptGPEN ConceptGPEN doesn’t require expensive GPON OLT equipment in your server rooms, just a regular switch port! Similar to GPON, the GPEN solution will require clients to provide power, but instead of powering GPON’s ONT device, power will be used for extending the Ethernet cable (with our GPeR devices) and powering the netPower device. That is the GPEN analogue of GPON splitters – netPower provides additional functionality and possibilities. And the best part of this technology – it gives you all the flexibility for a fraction of the price. You can connect netPower to your server room by Ethernet, Active optical line or use it to power one end of point-to-point backbone wireless link. GPEN – the evolution of GPON done right!

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With netPower  Lite  7R  switch, you can forget about expensive  GPON  base stations and optical splitters.  This switch is a  part of our  GPEN  concept  –  aimed to bring the speed and versatility of fiber networking while using the advantages of  Ethernet.  It is easy to deploy, low-cost way for any ISP to deliver the Internet to individual apartments.